we do more to manage your property

As well as finding good quality tenants for your property, some landlords also prefer us manage the property as well. Here’s what we’ll do as part of this service.

before the tenancy we'll

  • if instructed we can carry out the gas-safety check that’s required by law, and make sure that your property complies with all other safety regulations and advise you if action is required to meet the legal standards
  • we’ll ask an independent specialist to prepare an Inventory and Schedule of Condition. This acts as an important ‘snapshot’ of your property before your tenants move in, and can be useful if there are disputes about its condition when the tenant moves out
  • we’ll register your deposit with a government approved tenancy deposit scheme
  • we’ll take meter readings.*

*please note it is your responsibility to notify the utility companies of the readings and the new tenant’s details at the start and the end of each tenancy.

during the tenancy, we'll

  • collect the rent on your behalf each month, chasing the tenants if necessary. We’ll deduct the agreed management fee, and pass on the remainder to you by bank transfer. Every month we’ll also send you a statement by email
  • be on-call to handle any problems or questions your tenants may have, and manage any repairs that are necessary, using our trusted local contractors. From the rent received, we will settle bills initially with the contractor, and deduct the amount from the next rent payment
  • carry out regular property inspections and send you a written report on you property’s condition
  • remain on-hand for any questions you may have regarding your letting, and will update you on any new or changing legislation
  • manage any rent warranty/legal expenses claims on your behalf
  • review your tenant’s rent and try to negotiate an appropriate increase
  • if you require possession of your property, issue a Section 21 notice to terminate your contract with the tenants.
Phillip Mann Estate Agents

at the end of the tenancy, we'll

  • complete a thorough check-out inspection
  • as an independent view on any damages or dilapidations
  • oversee the return of deposit, and liaise with the tenants and/or tenancy deposit scheme as necessary
  • advise of any cleaning or maintenance
  • advise on any repairs, refurbishment or refurnishing that may be required or desirable to maximise your rental returns following the tenants’ departure.