we do more to ensure peace of mind

Finding tenants quickly is important, but it’s even more important to make sure your property is looked after, and that you receive good rent every month. Here’s what we do to help.

we accompany all viewings

We always accompany tenants on a viewing so we can get a feel for what sort of tenants they’d make, as well as provide accurate, timely feedback to you afterwards.

Phillip Mann Estate Agents

thorough referencing procedure

We carry out a thorough reference so that we can obtain rent warranty/legal expenses cover. This requires specialist skills, so we employ a professional reference company to carry out these checks on all applicants (including guarantors if applicable):

  • credit check to verify the tenant’s payment history
  • employer’s or accountant’s reference to verify their employment and salary
  • landlord’s or managing agent’s reference to check their conduct at previous addresses
  • financial review to check their income and rent payment history
  • bankruptcy search and anti-fraud check

Only when an applicant has passed all these checks do we accept them as a tenant on your behalf.


From all tenants we ask for a deposit equivalent to a month’s rent to ensure there are sufficient monies at the end of the tenancy should they not look after the property appropriately.

tenant approval meeting

We can also arrange for you to meet any prospective tenants if you wish, so you can verify for yourself that you’re happy with the people we’ve found. If, for any reason, you would prefer us to keep looking, we will politely decline those applicants and offer you some alternatives.

we look after the tenants

Finally, we believe that happy tenants make good tenants, which is why we make sure we do all we can to respond to tenants’ queries and needs as soon as we can, and as fairly as we can.

rental warranty

Despite the rigour of our referencing procedure, anyone’s financial circumstances can unexpectedly and unfortunately change. In such a case, to make sure that you still receive your rent, we offer a rent warranty, and include it as part of the package if we manage your property as well.

prepare all the paperwork

Naturally we’ll also prepare the tenancy agreements and handle all the paperwork on your behalf.