we do more being upfront

Our profession overall suffers from the reputation of a few. We do more to make sure you’ll only have good words to say about us.

we'll never over value

Sadly, it’s still all too common for some agents to promise a high price, and then later claim that the market’s changed forcing you to drop your price. Meanwhile, tied into a long contract, you’re powerless to switch agents

At Phillip Mann we take a different approach. We’ll give you an honest assessment of your property’s value, backed up with evidence of similar properties that have sold nearby, and we’ll ask for a fair number of weeks to try to achieve a sale at that price.

Phillip Mann Estate Agents
Phillip Mann Estate Agents

we’ll be flexible with the contract

However we never forget that it’s your asset, not ours, and if you have a price in mind that’s more than our valuation, we’ll work hard to achieve that – although in return we might ask for a slightly longer period of exclusivity in order to achieve your price ambitions.

we’ll be upfront with the fees

You’ll also find that our contracts are written in plain English, are clear, fair and easy to understand, with all the fees clearly stated up front