Keeping down those heating bills this winter

Fit a system thermostat 
Make sure your heating system has a thermostat – giving you more control of your heating system, and increasing its efficiency by up to 25%.

Fit radiator thermostats
Fitting a thermostat to each radiator will give you control of the temperature in each room, so you’re not heating empty room unnecessarily.

Turn it down a notch
Turning down your thermostatic radiators by just one notch can reduce your gas consumption by up to 9p per day. It all mounts up!

Power flush your system
Regular cleaning or power flushing of your heating system can improve your radiator outputs and system efficiency by up to 20%. 

Service your boiler yearly
Regularly servicing your boiler will keep it running smoothly and efficiently, especially if it’s more than 25 years old  as it’s likely to be only 50% efficient (compared a modern one which should be 90%) – having a dramatic effect on your gas consumption.

Ten minutes a week in the summer
Here’s our Super Tip – once a week throughout the summer, run your heating system for ten minutes – and reduce your heating breakdowns by up to 50%!

We hope you find these tips from Middletons useful. They tell us they are currently offering eight year parts and labour warranties on all new boilers.

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